Fashion Designer Diary, The Ins and Out Of The Fashion Industry






Fashion designer diary give you the info, about fashion, from a

fashion designer point of view.



  • Do you want to know how a designer get inspired
  • Beauty tips
  • Is sewing necessary, if so what do I need to know
  • How to start a clothing line
  • How much money do you really make in the fashion industry
  • What is the work environment like on a daily base
  • How to approach a Buyer with your ideas
  • What are other jobs in fashion that I can do beside being a buyer,
  • designer, or store manger

  • And so much more

I want to write about my personal experiences of the fashion industry. I have worked in the fashion industry for six years. If you're seriously thinking about making fashion as a career. Then you're at the right place. Whether, you want to study fashion design in school, make it a hobby, or jump right into this field, then I can show you how.



Now, there is a wealth of information about the fashion industry. Anybody can do it, you just need imagination, passion, and common sense, yes a lot of common sense. When I just finish high school, I was very shy and naive. I alway heard rumors about fashion being cut throat, it is not until I had my first experience; than I know how true it was. I had a horrible experienced in college, when one of my classmate decided to steal my project, so I could not hand in on time and this was just college, image the real world.



I quickly learn not to be naive and to have a strong back bone if I want to survive in this industry. It is important to have common sense so you know how to run a business. So, if I can do it all over again I would of have been better prepare. Learning to sew at earlier age and took more art classes. Have confidence in myself to start my own business.