Back to school

  • Back to school

I’m getting my kids ready back to school I’m so happy because this will be the first year that all my kids are going to be attending school and I finally can I get the house to myself. I also got one of my  child into a charter school so I’m truly happy and I feel very fortunate and blessed. I live in Philadelphia and they don’t have good public schools so is very frustrating dealing with the public schools in Philadelphia. I think the schools in Philadelphia got a little better since I move, yeah but they have a long way to go.  Today was my son me and greet  for kindergarten and he will be starting school Monday. My other two kids, starting school after Labor Day. So it’s gonna be so strange me being the house all by myself.  I do want to put a YouTube video up but I’ve been doing a lot of the stuff with my children so I just haven’t got to it and I really need the extra space in my house so I could be able to do more videos is hard to do the videos where I don’t have any space because of my kids so I’m hoping that I’ll be able move soon. Where I will have my own office space and having that office space will allow me to do more things my videos.  I finished buying all their school supplies and I just got a buy clothes for my daughter and I’m done get in them ready for school.


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