Feeling Better

 I’m feeling better now!

This is the first time I’m using my phone as a lot easier than working on my laptop.  I don’t have the flu no more so I feel so much better now.  I just download iMovie app for the first time today and I’m like let me get this a try and see how that works for me because I use Final Cut Pro on my laptop and is just time consuming so I’m hoping that the iMovie will be  A lot quicker to do certain videos.  I’m bored with my art YouTube Channel.  iMovie does not work on my laptop know more when I use iMovie on my laptop it crash I don’t know why but I’m OK with Final Cut Pro so it’s not a big deal.  I wish I could change the name on my art you to channel but I can’t I’m stuck with it but I’m going to do different things on my YouTube channel, the problem is I never was told I how to paint by the way I’m not going to tutorials teaching people how to paint because I don’t know how to paint.  But I want to have fun with it and if I have fun with it then I’ll upload more videos.


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