How to use a blind hem foot

Blind Hem Foot on a Serge

“Blind Hem Foot
Hemming is the forté of the blind hem foot, but it can also be used to add some creative accents as in decorative flatlocking. The blind hem foot allows you to precisely guide the fabric so rows of flatlocking remain absolutely straight.
Stitch: 2- or 3-Thread Flatlock
Needle: Right
Width: Normal
Length: 4 mm
Differential Feed: Normal to 1.3
Blade Position: Unlocked (engaged)
Subsidiary Looper: Engaged for 2-Thread Flatlock Only
Presser Foot: Blind Hem Foot”

“ Fold hem to the wrong side of the fabric and pin in place, pinning parallel and close to the fold.
2 Fold the fabric back on itself, leaving at least ¼” of the hem extending beyond the fold.

“3 Place the fold of the hem under the foot and begin sewing, barely catching the fold with the needle and trimming the extending hem.
4 The adjustable guide to the right of the foot is essential in determining “bite” of the stitch. Adjust guide on the foot by loosening the screw and sliding the guide left or right, moving the guide closer to or farther away from the needle. If too much thread shows on the right side of the garment, move the guide farther away from the needle (to the right). If the needle thread doesn’t catch the hem, move the guide closer to the needle (to the left). A simple adjustment for fantastic results!
5 Pull stitches flat and press when hem is complete.


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