Looking for middle schools

Looking for middle schools

Hi everyone,  guess what! I’m looking for middle schools for my daughter, I’m excited so this is really fun for me, today I’m going to be looking at the middle schools this week and next week.

Just so happens is raining today, cold rain. We haven’t had that in a long time the nice warm weather is soon to be over in the north east.  I live in the north of Philadelphia, Everybody like to send their kid to the schools in northeast.  They are considered her the better public schools. Since 2012, a lot of public schools closed .  And also a lot of private schools closed out too.  So the schools where I live is over crowded, I want my daughter to get more attention from her teacher so I’m  looking for a school that I have a small class size. The older you get, it’s hard to find a school for the child because of limited space. I’m hoping she gets into a science school because that’s what she love to do she loves science.


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