My reoccurring dream

My reoccurring dream

I always keep having my reoccurring dream of me taking arts classes, or taking fashion classes. I keep having this dream of me being art school or fashion school. And when I wake up I’m bothered because I did it already, I went to art school and I want to fashion school.

Going to Arts school or fashion school was one of the most happiest moments of my life.

When I went to school, I learn a lot about art,  myself, and how to work with people.  If I have any regrets I wish I took more art classes and I didn’t rush to finish school.  I didn’t know I would like jewelry design and I want to explore more fine art. I never took a jewelry design class but I am determined to learn how to make jewelry because is therapy for me when I do it.  How did I discovered that I love to make jewelry,  well I know I want to see my counselor and she was doing all these projects with me and other students and she had these jewelry tools and that’s the first time I have a made Jewelry and I didn’t realize how easy it was and how fun it was and I wish I took jewelry classes. I am glad that took the Handbags class but I wish I took jewelry classes too.  I just want to remind everybody I wasn’t taught jewelry design but I am determined to learn it.


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