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I have been working on my websites, I have four websites and four youtube channel, I’m currently working on 3 youtube channels and four website. I wish I can put a post everyday and upload a video everyday but it’s hard to for me to find the time. I have so much going on with my personal life. I’m self-taught with websites and film editing. I only now how to use iMovie for now but I will love to master final cut pro. Wish I had more time to post and do the websites because it’s fun. So, I’m frustrated! But, I’m trying to be patient. Hummmm…………. take Deep breaths. Here are some of my websites if you’re interesting in checking out, Fashion Designer Diary is information website; when I started since 2010. In 2014 I started How to draw anything website, which it just show you how to draw. I just did the finish touches on my website where I’m going to start selling things online called Shamiso Ayano which mean superwoman and design in African and Japanese. It took me two years to learn dreamweaver, which i must say one the most hardest art design software that I every learn. Once you learn it, it is most amazing tool to use. So you can check out my website on the highlighted word. Until next time.


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