Rite Aid new look

The new look for Rite Aid zip code 90210.


The Address, is located at 300 North Canon Drive, as retails stores are thinking new innovative ways to improve their profits.

The company goal is to keep Rite Aid competitive. “We need to continue to introduce new programs to ensure our important beauty customers do not migrate to other channels or specialty stores,” asserted Bill Bergin, group vice president of health and beauty at Rite Aid.

Rite Aid was know has it’s primary focus will always be the pharmacy, but beauty is a crucial category that Bergin said builds loyalty for its most important customers, especially in skin care, cosmetics and hair care. Rite Aid has expanded store space for major suppliers such as L’Oréal, Maybelline, Revlon and Cover Girl, while standing out separate the chain from its competition. They’re impactful presentation of men’s grooming items. Rite Aid store slightly unique based on store demographics.

“We are adding beauty advisors only in our best beauty stores at this time as we develop and modify the position,” explained Bergin. Their sales associates receive specialized product training to enable them to provide expert advice. “Many of the beauty advisors who have joined Rite Aid have brought a vast beauty background and have definitely helped drive profitable beauty sales,” the company said.

Bergin said, “the use of social media gives great exposure to brands that don’t always have the same resources as larger suppliers. Beauty bloggers have helped push the independent brands, as well.”

The company will like to expand on remodeling another 450 stores to feature its Wellness store format by the end of fiscal 2015.


What cause thread breakages

Thread Breakages

Just sure before you start to sew, make sure the fabric is place under pressure foot. Just like if you was going to use a regular sewing machine. (only when you going to cover stitch) I used polyester thread. I found when I use 100 precent cotton thread or silk; it break easier; or could be the thread is too old. Some sewing supplies stores that sell thread that don’t have a plastic cover around it, you made have to test it to see if not weak. Also make sure the tension on thread of the machine is not loose or tight, all these possibilities it’s what cause thread breakages.


Elastic foot using a wire on a serger

Elastic foot using a wire

Elastic foot on a wire sometime called fishing line or wire insertion, you can use fishing line to make scalloped ruffles on sheer fabric like bridal tulle, or add wire to the serged edges of wire-edged ribbons.

You have to have to set your overlock machine to stitch: 3-Thread Rolled Edge

Only use right needle, width mush be: Normal to Wide

Length: 1 mm to 1.5 mm (rolled hem setting)

Differential Feed: Normal to 0.6

Blade Position: Unlocked (engaged)

Presser Foot: Elastic Foot


I’m sad to see Sandhya go

Sandhya Garg on project runway

I’m sad to see Sandhya go, she was one my favorite designer on season 13. I taught she had really strong sense of design. They send her home on the children wear challenge, I think if the garment would had fit Sandhya model and the ruffles could be at a different location area on the outfit, then maybe she would have got a second chance.

project runway season 13


How to use an elastic foot on a serger

Elastic foot

The elastic foot stretches and attaches the elastic to the fabric as the serger trims the extra fabric. It save you time, especially with narrow elastic that is hard to attach with other methods. Some elastic feet have an additional hole to insert corded elastic, fishing line or fine wire, which gives you many decorative options.
You want your stitch to be a 4-thread overlock
Needles must be right and left, the width is normal
Length is 4 mm
Differential Feed: 2 (tightest setting)
Blade Position: Locked
Presser Foot: Elastic Foot

Elastic Insertion
1 Your serger should be 4-thread overlock. Also, a cover stitch can also be used with some elastic feet.
2 Loosen the pressure control screw on the top of the foot, so the elastic can be placed between the roller and the lower support bar if you are having difficulty

3 Don’t forget to insert elastic and slide it to the back of and under the foot.

4 Tighten the pressure control screw slightly.

5 Attach the elastic foot to the serger.

6 Stitch a sample and adjust the pressure control screw as necessary for the desired effect. Tighten the screw to add more elasticity to the fabric. Loosen the screw for less elasticity.” That all you to try to remember.