My website


I have been working on my websites, I have four websites and four youtube channel, I’m currently working on 3 youtube channels and four website. I wish I can put a post everyday and upload a video everyday but it’s hard to for me to find the time. I have so much going on with my personal life. I’m self-taught with websites and film editing. I only now how to use iMovie for now but I will love to master final cut pro. Wish I had more time to post and do the websites because it’s fun. So, I’m frustrated! But, I’m trying to be patient. Hummmm…………. take Deep breaths. Here are some of my websites if you’re interesting in checking out, Fashion Designer Diary is information website; when I started since 2010. In 2014 I started How to draw anything website, which it just show you how to draw. I just did the finish touches on my website where I’m going to start selling things online called Shamiso Ayano which mean superwoman and design in African and Japanese. It took me two years to learn dreamweaver, which i must say one the most hardest art design software that I every learn. Once you learn it, it is most amazing tool to use. So you can check out my website on the highlighted word. Until next time.


Remolding my apartment

New Apartment

Right now, I’m remolding my apartment, to make it more functional. It’s a two bedroom apartment with me and my three kids. My kids are get older, so I got to change there bedroom, I got to do a lot of work and at much as little cost. All three of my kids is sharing one bedroom. Once I’m done I will show, and put up pictures before and after and videos. I will put up more tutorial videos in the future but right now I’m trying organize my space. I bought furniture from Walmart and Ikea because it was the cheapest and nicest, furniture I can find for that price. So, I’m just doing a quick update, I can wait to start showing more tutorial, I will be doing more video on sewing projects, draping, pattern making and a lot of DIY project. Bye for now.


How to use a blind hem foot

Blind Hem Foot on a Serge

“Blind Hem Foot
Hemming is the forté of the blind hem foot, but it can also be used to add some creative accents as in decorative flatlocking. The blind hem foot allows you to precisely guide the fabric so rows of flatlocking remain absolutely straight.
Stitch: 2- or 3-Thread Flatlock
Needle: Right
Width: Normal
Length: 4 mm
Differential Feed: Normal to 1.3
Blade Position: Unlocked (engaged)
Subsidiary Looper: Engaged for 2-Thread Flatlock Only
Presser Foot: Blind Hem Foot”

“ Fold hem to the wrong side of the fabric and pin in place, pinning parallel and close to the fold.
2 Fold the fabric back on itself, leaving at least ¼” of the hem extending beyond the fold.

“3 Place the fold of the hem under the foot and begin sewing, barely catching the fold with the needle and trimming the extending hem.
4 The adjustable guide to the right of the foot is essential in determining “bite” of the stitch. Adjust guide on the foot by loosening the screw and sliding the guide left or right, moving the guide closer to or farther away from the needle. If too much thread shows on the right side of the garment, move the guide farther away from the needle (to the right). If the needle thread doesn’t catch the hem, move the guide closer to the needle (to the left). A simple adjustment for fantastic results!
5 Pull stitches flat and press when hem is complete.


How to used the beading foot

Beading foot on a serger

First you want your stitch to be 3-Thread Rolled Edge
The needle should be position: Right
Width should be: Narrow
Rolled Hem length can be: 2 mm to 4 mm (varies with size of beads or braid)
Differential Feed is: .06 to Normal
Blade Position: Locked or Unlocked
Presser Foot: Beading Foot
Make sure to leave a 1″ to 2″ tail behind the presser foot so you have something to hold on to.


My Victoria Secret Package

Victoria Secret Package

My package from Victoria Secret came, I’m happy with the fall collection that I bought. Here is some picture of items that I bought from Victoria Secret.


I bought this coat on the website but, I taught it was a darker color. I do like the style even tough it is much lighter than I expected. The color is called camel and as you can see it does not resemble nothing like camel. The color is a pearl white, off white or cream. I still love the coat. I was worry about the fit because I did put on weight but it still fits. I do want to make my own coat but I got to get a zipper and a closer, I don’t want to use buttons, I want to use frog closers or maybe I might change my mind and still use buttons.



Victoria Secret send two free samples that I choose, but I still love Pink which my favorite perfume, well one off. The smell of the two was okay.




Rite Aid new look

The new look for Rite Aid zip code 90210.


The Address, is located at 300 North Canon Drive, as retails stores are thinking new innovative ways to improve their profits.

The company goal is to keep Rite Aid competitive. “We need to continue to introduce new programs to ensure our important beauty customers do not migrate to other channels or specialty stores,” asserted Bill Bergin, group vice president of health and beauty at Rite Aid.

Rite Aid was know has it’s primary focus will always be the pharmacy, but beauty is a crucial category that Bergin said builds loyalty for its most important customers, especially in skin care, cosmetics and hair care. Rite Aid has expanded store space for major suppliers such as L’Oréal, Maybelline, Revlon and Cover Girl, while standing out separate the chain from its competition. They’re impactful presentation of men’s grooming items. Rite Aid store slightly unique based on store demographics.

“We are adding beauty advisors only in our best beauty stores at this time as we develop and modify the position,” explained Bergin. Their sales associates receive specialized product training to enable them to provide expert advice. “Many of the beauty advisors who have joined Rite Aid have brought a vast beauty background and have definitely helped drive profitable beauty sales,” the company said.

Bergin said, “the use of social media gives great exposure to brands that don’t always have the same resources as larger suppliers. Beauty bloggers have helped push the independent brands, as well.”

The company will like to expand on remodeling another 450 stores to feature its Wellness store format by the end of fiscal 2015.