Suffering from acne and facial heat rash

Suffering from acne and facial heat rash

I have been suffering from acne and facial heat rash since I got pregnant with my first child.  Since I came back from South America, I realize I also suffer from heat rash.  When I was pregnant my skin got supersensitive and I couldn’t put any product on my face. When I will wash my face with any product if felt like fire was on my face. So I only will wash my face with water and then as the years go by I was able to use soap and my skin was able to tolerate more things.  But my skin is still sensitive so I thought about trying a natural alternative to deal with my heat rash and acne.  I have try aloe and it really worked on my skin but I had allergic reaction to it when some of the aloe got into my nose and mouth while I was watching my face. This allergic reaction cause my face be swollen.

That’s a teenager I suffer from acne temporary I discover a method to get rid of my acne,I will pop the pimples no matter how small they were. And I use this product call Medicaid St. Ives scrub and its solved all my acne problems and all the sudden they stop making it in the US.  The method was I will wash my face with regular soap and then I use the scrub and I did this every day and it worked.

I’m gonna try to figure out another method that going to solve my problem by using a natural way  of cleaning my face. I have try an alternative facial products that is also very expensive, I have found a better product that work which is Mary Kay,  but I have to get a consultant in order to buy the product which is just annoying, it will be just easier to go to the store or to buy it online.  I will just use their products but sometimes I don’t want to be bother to speak to the consultant in order to buy the product. So I’m going to be experimented and figure out different ways that will work with my face and I will keep you posted later.


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