My Victoria Secret Package

Victoria Secret Package

My package from Victoria Secret came, I’m happy with the fall collection that I bought. Here is some picture of items that I bought from Victoria Secret.


I bought this coat on the website but, I taught it was a darker color. I do like the style even tough it is much lighter than I expected. The color is called camel and as you can see it does not resemble nothing like camel. The color is a pearl white, off white or cream. I still love the coat. I was worry about the fit because I did put on weight but it still fits. I do want to make my own coat but I got to get a zipper and a closer, I don’t want to use buttons, I want to use frog closers or maybe I might change my mind and still use buttons.


Victoria Secret send two free samples that I choose, but I still love Pink which my favorite perfume, well one off. The smell of the two was okay.


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