Fashion Concept



Fashion concept details on how design a portfolio or presentation.

Whether you want to do a portfolio, or presentation, you want to make dramatic start and finish on you work. It's so important to start your presentation with a dramatic opening and end the presentation with a powerful conclusion. Remember first and lasting impressions is everything.


When you start you presentation, remember to have three strong pieces in the first, middle, and last. Having three lasting impression will naturally evoke prolonged discussion. Your portfolio or presentation with great strong pieces can win anybody over immediately.

The attractiveness of your presentation will show the interviewer your strength in skill, creativity, and style.


It is optional to start your presentation with a introduction page, coming prepare with an introduction page can separate you from the other candidates. You can invented your own logo and name for the project. You can add a logo with a drawing or photo graphic.


Once you decide your introduction page, it is time to think about a fashion concept, what it the inspiration for the concept, mood or theme for the presentation. This where you will tell your design story, you can use photos, historical or current events; making sure your colors and fabrics match the theme of your presentation.